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Retail & Entertainment We focus on the most vibrant markets, attract leading brands and develop exceptional shopping environments including freestanding, open air and mixed use developments. JMP Holdings has created a stellar portfolio exhibiting millions of square feet of retail, entertainment, sports, education and governmental projects. Our broad experience and depth of resources allows us to bring the most multifaceted ideas to fruition under ever-changing market conditions.

Residential A track record of lucrative acquisitions has laid the groundwork for JMP Holdings' booming portfolio and continues to be instrumental in its expansion. We strive to continually explore various real estate investment options, whose value can be enhanced through full-scale new development or the renovation and repositioning of existing assets. JMP draws on its extensive in-house resources and aggressive research to identify and procure properties for development or redevelopment.

As an intuitive company, JMP long ago realized the eventual need for urban revitalization, much of which encompasses Brownfield remediation. Our focus on quality redevelopment--particularly in already densely populated states--has allowed us to take a leadership role in helping once-thriving cities to regain quality housing, indispensable tax ratables and most of all, community pride.

Commercial Through its full-service construction arm - Century 21 Construction - JMP has built an impeccable reputation for providing the highest level of commercial contractor and construction management services in the development of non-residential properties. Founded in 1968, this determined team of building professionals has maintained a successful track record of accomplishments, taking on a leadership role in applying quality materials, advanced technology and building techniques to create superior retail, residential, commercial and industrial building

  • Project Feasibility
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Land Use and Planning
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Approval/Entitlement Management
  • Full In-House Design Services including
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • In-House Brownfield Remediation & Redevelopment
  • Construction Services
  • Leasing
  • Financing
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Marketing and Promotion

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